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Your comment. Lakeshore, Suite Chicago, Illinois Website. The show really explores so many female and human psyche topics, which is inevitable with an almost all female cast.

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Seeing blood in your urine can be alarming. While in many instances the cause is harmless, blood in urine hematuria can indicate a serious disorder. Blood that you can see is called gross hematuria.

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Image via Male readers of the internet crossed their legs and let out a unified grimace of pain yesterday when a story made the rounds about a year-old Australian man who got a fork lodged in his dong. While plenty of people who read the report or even worse, saw the pictures had no idea why a person would try to shove anything—especially a rouge piece of cutlery—up his pee slit, those of us who frequent the kinkier side of life know this is a fairly common practice known as "sounding. If you really want an education, search for the term on XTube NSFW, idiotand revel in a variety of videos featuring guys putting all sorts of junk into their junk.

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I totally had the same fear when I first started using tampons. We have a great video on our website that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to properly use a tampon. I would have to say no, it is not possible. When you are going to put in a tampon you might notice three holes.

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Several different conditions and diseases can cause hematuria. These include infections, kidney disease, cancer, and rare blood disorders. Any blood in the urine can be a sign of a serious health problem, even if it happens only once.

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In the aftermath of the accident, she had treatment to correct a bladder injury, and was was prescribed bed rest to help a pelvic fracture heal. And an examination revealed a bony chip that had become lodged in her vaginal wall, leaving behind a small hole. Dr Ajay Aggarwal, who led the team treating the woman, said they found a fistula - or hole - measuring 1cm by 1cm, connecting the vagina and the urethra - the tube that carries pee from the bladder.

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Where is the pee hole? And no one seems to know where it is, at least not for sure. Basically, women have three holes: a butt hole, a vagina hole and a pee hole.

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That is crazy shit! I am glad you are not dying and that the bladder heals quickly. I do agree with your mom though.

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My first time witnessing a man have something crammed into his dick hole involved an extreme fetish video called Two Kids, One Sandbox. The video, which is no longer than a few seconds, shows a woman viciously stuffing a dildo or vibrator? Many years later, the thought of this video and the thought of shoving something into my own dick hole continues to make me squirm in horror.

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Sign up or log in to share. I'm not sure if this is a serious question or not but I'll give a serious answer anyway. No, women have a urethra which they urinate from, it connects to the bladder. Right below that is the vaginal opening which is where women menstruate from and give birth from, it is connected to the cervix and uterus.


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