Vintage flatware markings

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To identify your sterling silver piece or pattern please answer the following questions:. If the answer is YES proceed to question 2. If your answer is NO you may still want to review the manufacturers trademarks to see if there is a match.

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Silver is considered to be a precious metal and is the most plentiful of all metals falling into this category. It has long been used to fashion serving piecesdecorative items, jewelryand a host of other goods. It is indicated as.

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Our illustrated guide highlights the subtle ways you can discover the origins of any piece of silver. One of the most common inquiries at antique shows often has to do with authenticity: How do you know whether or not something is made of real silver? Collectors aren't always looking for pure sterling silverper se, but they should be able to know the value and composition of the pieces they're buying.

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After inheriting her grandmother's collection of antiques, Dolores has maintained an interest in the care and sale of vintage items. For over years, sterling silver flatware stood as the hallmark of upper middle class success. When new technologies of the Industrial Revolution as well as American discoveries of silver ore increased production and lowered costs, a growing upper middle class fell under the spell of silver's white luster. Until the mid 20th century, brides registered their favorite pattern and began collecting place settings, tea sets, trays, olive forks, cake servers, meat and fish servers, sugar cube tongs, and a vast array of tableware and flatware.

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The items had been put there by her late husband and she took them to the Antiques Roadshow where she was surprised to learn that they could be valuable. Have you got some items hidden under your bed? Do you want to know if those old bits and pieces you have lying around could be converted into hard cash?

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November 25, 2 Comments. This is when it's time to pass down or sell your old silverware -- it could be worth more than you think. As experts in the industry for over 10 years, Muzeum is educated in buying all types of silver, from all over the world.

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Whenever Oneida flatware, china, or crystal graces one's table, the awe inspiring effect created from this classic product is nothing short of breathtaking. Noyes based his "community" on the theology of "Perfectionism". The "Perfectionism" ideology of this time was based on Christianity, and held two core values: self-perfection and communalism.

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Your silver is worth money. Just a drop in the bucket, since this is an entire speciality of knowledge, but an excellent foundation. Essentially every new silverware settea set, etc. The purpose of a silver mark is to tell the buyer or in this case, you what the purity of the silver is.

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Marks on precious metals have been regulated by law since ancient times. From pharaohs, Roman emperors and continuing today, fineness, or standard marks, have been used to guarantee minimum amounts of precious metal in relation to non-precious metal. At least that's the theory.

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A silver object that is to be sold commercially is, in most countries, stamped with one or more silver hallmarks indicating the purity of the silver, the mark of the manufacturer or silversmith, and other optional markings to indicate date of manufacture and additional information about the piece. In some countries, the testing of silver objects and marking of purity is controlled by a national assayer's office. Hallmarks are applied with a hammer and punch, a process that leaves sharp edges and spurs of metal.


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