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Generally an activity for the more experienced sexual adventurer, sounding is the act of sliding a very well lubricated rod down the urethra — the bit of your anatomy that you pee out of — for pleasure. And yes, women do it too. This is made simpler for men by the fact that the entrance is obvious and the internal tube is straighter and longer.

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Anorectal and urethral foreign body insertions polyembolokoilamania are not infrequent presentations to the ED. The motivations behind these insertions vary, ranging from autoeroticism to reckless behavior. These insertions can lead to major complications and even death.

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My first time witnessing a man have something crammed into his dick hole involved an extreme fetish video called Two Kids, One Sandbox. The video, which is no longer than a few seconds, shows a woman viciously stuffing a dildo or vibrator? Many years later, the thought of this video and the thought of shoving something into my own dick hole continues to make me squirm in horror.

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Top definition. Cock Stuffing unknown. Apparently somewhat on the fringe in gay circles, but involves using thin, cylindrical items thermometers, wire, rubber wormsetc. Over many months, continue to gradually ream out the hole-at-the-head with larger items, thus ultimately allowing your "buddy" to obtain the goal of fucking your urethra.

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Remarkably, the boy had been living with the magnetic balls in his body for three months, but he was too embarrassed to seek medical attention. His parents only discovered three months later when they noticed him walking with a limp and questioned him about it. Bizarrely, a very similar incident was recently reported in eastern China when an year-old inserted 70 magnetic balls into his penis, again out of curiosity.

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Since some in our office are gun shy about the topic e. No big deal. I got this junk.

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Guys have been known to do some pretty odd things to their penises see herehereand here. In today's story to make you cringe, a teenage boy reportedly had surgery to remove a USB cord inserted into his urethra, according to Singapore-based Strait Times. The Heilongjiang Metropolis Channel in China reported that an unidentified year-old boy cut off a USB head and inserted the cable into his penis, according to Strait Times.

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Self-insertion of penile foreign bodies is performed worldwide, largely due to a perception that it will enhance sexual performance and virility. There are relatively few cases reported in the United States. We report three cases of Hispanic men incarcerated in separate southwest United States prisons who utilized a similar technique to insert foreign bodies fabricated out of dominos into the subcutaneous tissues of the penis.

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Jamin Brahmbhatt has a folder on his computer of photos of penises trapped inside foreign objects. One is stuck inside a wedding ring, another is imprisoned in a vacuum cleaner, a third is shoved through a cock ring sex toy with a testicle jammed in beside it. Brahmbhatt is a urologist and he has helped free all of these penises.

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Men in some areas of Indonesia have a long history of inserting or implanting various objects in their penises. The origin of the practices is unclear, but some writers say that they were copied from Chinese traders who visited the islands, while others argue it is an indigenous innovation related to the use of other forms of amulets and inserts for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The objects used range from the very simple the implant of ball bearings under the skinto the magical the use of specially selected semi-precious stonesor the elaborate gold bars - called palang - or rings inserted through the glans.


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