Diseases of the canine vulva

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Sexual-cycle abnormalities are an important cause of infertility in bitches, with disorders such as anestrus, split estrus, and persistent estrus having varied etiologies. Sexual-cycle abnormalities in bitches may be addressed as follicular- or luteal-phase disorders. However, pet owners should have a good working knowledge of the sexual cycles of their animals in order to better understand these disorders.

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Dog Breed Guide. Cat Breed Guide. Pet Health Conditions.

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Chapter 92 Diseases of the Vagina and Vulva. Small animals with diseases of the vulva and vagina can present with clinical signs of lower urinary tract disease urgency, pollakiuria, stranguria, and hematuriaintermittent or continuous urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge, perivulvar dermatitis, excessive licking, and foul odor. Because the vulva and the vestibule form a common orifice for the lower urinary and reproductive systems, careful examination of associated diseases is warranted.

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There are many reproductive diseases that can affect female dogs. The most common diseases are discussed in this section. Many factors can cause a difficult birth dystociaincluding uterine problems, a too-small birth canal, an oversized fetus, or abnormal position of the fetus during birth.

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It is extremely difficult to separate the various diseases of the vagina, vestibule and vulva into usable categories, often because the anatomical structures are contiguous, are affected by a similar process, and because submission sheets are seldom as specific in describing distribution as they could be. I have chosen to group the lesions based on pathogenetic grounds, and, where possible, to separate out those lesions that involve the labia of the vulva, as they do seem to form a separate category. The common diseases submitted for surgical biopsy examination are listed below.

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This list of dog diseases is a selection of diseases and other conditions found in the dog. Some of these diseases are unique to dogs or closely related species, while others are found in other animals, including humans. Not all of the articles listed here contain information specific to dogs.

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Vaginitis can be caused by bacterial, mycoplasmal or viral infection but equally it can be caused by an anatomical abnormality that permits urine to pool in the vagina. Affected individuals lick their vulvas more. The interior is often inflamed.

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Chronic vaginitis is the most common vaginal disorder. Dogs with vaginitis show no signs of systemic illness but often lick at the vulva and have purulent or hemorrhagic vaginal discharges. Vaginitis is most commonly secondary to a noninfectious inciting factor such as congenital vaginal anomalies, clitoral hypertrophy, foreign bodies, trauma to the vaginal mucosa, or vaginal tumors. Inspection of the caudal vagina and vestibule both visually and digitally will often reveal the source of vaginal irritation.

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Enter your postcode below to find your nearest Vets Now. Pyometra, also known as a pyo, is an infection of the uterus womb. Each time a female dog has a season — usually about twice a year — she undergoes all the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy.

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Vaginitis is a condition that can be found in both puppies and older dogs. There are numerous causes such as bacterial infection, anatomical anomalies, and cancer. Your pet may let you know that there is a problem that needs to be checked by displaying signs like frequent urination and constant licking of the vaginal area. Treatment protocols vary depending on the age of the dog and the severity of the inflammation.


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