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If you examine your gums, they should be a healthy shade of pink — not red. Where they touch your teeth, they form a small groove, like a collar around the tooth. Though they are a tiny part of your body, gums have a big job.

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Periodontitis is often known as 'Gum Disease' and is a very common condition in which the gums and deeper periodontal structures become inflamed. If left unchecked, the inflammation can spread down below the gums and along the roots of the teeth, causing destruction of the periodontal ligament and the supporting bone. This ultimately leads to the loosening and potential loss of the teeth.

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You know good dental habits can help prevent things like cavities and gingivitis, but you may not know what conditions like these really look like or how they can affect your mouth. Use this visual guide to learn more about some of the most common dental health issues, symptoms to watch for and the potential treatments that are available. Please note: This content is for informational purposes only. Only a dentist, physician or other qualified health care professional can make a diagnosis.

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There are two types of diseases that can affect the gums: gingivitis and periodontitis. Together, gingivitis and periodontitis are referred to as gum disease or periodontal disease. Both types of gum diseases are fairly common among adults in the United States and both can be stopped or their symptoms lessened with effective care.

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I want to do what I have to do to save them. Is that possible? The rest of my gums look healthy.

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It is estimated that On average, more than species of bacteria live in your mouth. Living a healthy lifestyle helps you keep the harmful bacteria under control.

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Periodontal Disease Pictures Healthy Gums vs. If you suspect you have gum disease and are experiencing some of its symptoms such as sore gumsit may help to compare your gums to the pictures of healthy gums and gum disease below, from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis. If you have healthy gums, they will look firm and pink.

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Receding Gums: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments. Gum recession is when the margin of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth wears away, or pulls back, exposing more of the tooth, or the tooth's root. When gums recede, gaps can form between the gum and tooth, allowing disease-causing bacteria to build up.

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This can have several causes. The most serious cause is periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. The health of your mouth and teeth depend on it. In a healthy mouth, the gums are pink and the gum line is consistent around all the teeth.


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