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Clip show? No, too much work. Book Jeff Spicoli to book Van Halen for our birthday?

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Yeah, Mike 'cause playing the bass is my favorite shit I might be a hack on the stand up but I'm working at it I get my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason Then I ride the I. I'm gonna see the Knicks at Madison Square Garden And like the Knicks I got game like I worked at Hasbro On the mic I Bug, like I was Prince Jazzbo The rhymes are stupid to make you go coo-coo You can't sleep 'cause you're little Cindy Loo Hoo Down with the hurra since the raising hell tour Just listen to his cuts there's no reason to tell more Cyndy what I didn't catch the last one That shit sounded kinda nice, but bust a fast one Well I'm not known for my speed raps So grab the microphone and cut out the claps Ah yeah, I like that shit is kind of rough I'll grab the microphone and fuck it up Play up I might seem out there, a little deranged I've got to cool off, catch me on the driving range Well I'm the ladies' choice like I was J. Evans Legalize the weed and I'll say thank heavens I'm talking P.

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These kielbasa are locally farmed venison, ground fine and mixed with pepper, mustard, garlic and some instacure 2 and with kimchi brine once again taking the place of lactic acid starter. The brine plus a pinch of sugar to feed the lactobacilli worked really well in the first batch of dried salami and added that wonderfully addictive tang. I cold-smoked them with cherry wood chips and grape vines for a few hours until they got nice and dark and turgid, with veins standing out proudly on the surface.

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For some unknown reason I decided to consult the internet this morning and struck gold with the brilliant Mic to Mic Beastie Boys fan site. Thanks fellas. Turns out it was comedian Mantan Moreland. Download 2pm — 3pm here m4a format.

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Hey guys I looked around and didn't see any posts about this, so In the movie Waiting, there's a scene in the very beginning and the very first line in the film is one of the cooks, played by Loius Guzman, saying "Well if it's gonna be that kinda party, I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes!

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Photo by Andrew Malone via Flickr. Forget heights, spiders and enclosed spaces, can you imagine being scared of mashed potatoes? Well, this is what it's like.

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Top definition. Mashed potatoes at a party. Part of a larger expression of derision.

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The source of this line, used in the track "B-Boys Making With the Freak Freak" on the Beastie Boys ' album Ill Communicationwas often pondered by Beastie Boys fans until ina fan finally asked one of the band members, Adam Horovitzwho immediately solved the mystery. The full line, "Shit, if this is gonna be that kind of party, I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes", is sampled from a comedy album recorded by the comedian Mantan Moreland on his album That Ain't My Finger. Moreland performed in films and onstage, while also doing comedy in vaudeville from the s to the 60s.

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