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Showgirls is one of the most discussed films by controversial Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. Prior to the premiere the movie had already been panned by critics and marked as sexist. Thanks to the unpopular NC rating the movie bombed a the box office, earning only half of its production costs.

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Twenty years ago, the semi-pornographic yet campy Showgirls was released into theaters, starring Saved by the Bell 's Elizabeth Berkley as a stripper-turned-Vegas showgirl. The movie tanked at the box office, won seven Razzies, and was so poorly reviewed and received that it ended careers. Years later, through video rentals, the meant-to-be darkly funny film became a cult classic, made a huge profit, and found an audience.

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Elizabeth Berkley in 'Showgirls. After getting his start in his native Holland with wild, sexually explicit dramas like Spetters and Turkish Delight a Oscar nominee for Best Foreign-Language Filmdirector Paul Verhoeven came to Hollywood in the Eighties and rebranded himself as a can-do-anything sci-fi filmmaker with a slightly satircal bent. If you needed to make a film about a cyborg cop Robocop or send Arnold Schwarzenegger to Mars Total Recallhe was your man.

And oh, what a magical film it is. I'd heard all the jokes and seen the infamous posterthe one where Berkley looks like a curvy, one-legged french fry of a woman — but I had never seen the movie itself. So I decided to finally watch it, in honor of this special occasion.

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Sign in. See the list. A violent police detective investigates a brutal murder, in which a manipulative and seductive novelist could be involved.

Ever since I started these bad movie rewatchesI've had a short list of mythically awful films that just haven't been readily streamable. You can lampoon a thousand movies featuring musical numbers, misguided princesses, and Hilary Duffand still not be satiated until you find a movie worthy of your satirical talents, you know? But I'm pleased to announce I've finally met my white whale.

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I have a confession: I've never seen all of the movie Showgirls. But I have seen the heavily-edited-for-TV version of the movie in its entirety and it's hilarious — there are so many edits you need to watch for in the TV edit of Showgirls. It's an edition of the movie that really takes it to a whole other bad-movie-level.

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On screen and on stage at least. Even the most middle of the road drama has become steadily raunchier and sexier. And as well as consideration of gratuitous nudity and sex, or industry harassment and bullying, or gaping pay disparities, an awareness of how important it is to keep performers safe when performing intimate material is moving centre stage.

It parodies the erotic drama film Showgirls. It was published on February 6, to coincide with the theatrical release of Fifty Shades Freed. It is 4 minutes 4 seconds long.


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