Giant clits inside vaginsa

If I could talk about it all day, I would. Luckily, I get paid to and the rest of the time, well I love the clitoris.

And virtually all of my clients feel insecure or ashamed about some aspect of the most intimate areas of their bodies. At times, you may have even been a bit befuddled by it. But you probably also want your genitals to feel good, right?

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But in reality that little love button is only the tip of a surprisingly complex iceberg called the internal clitoris. These women are basically the experts on everything clit science—and yes, clit science is totally a thing. So what are all the things the mysterious internal clitoris do?

Top definition. Clit-Dick unknown. A clit-dick is a clit that is so absolutely gigantic that it could be mistaken for a dick.

I was raised in sex-positive household. So I really thought that I knew all there was to know about my genitals. I knew the proper name for everything from my labia majora to my mons and, of course, my clitoris.

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I am fifty and a lesbian. I have had a pretty active sex life for the last thirty years, including a couple of long-term relationships. For the last three years, I've been with a woman I love very much.

June 20, No, not just find it. Worship it.

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It's funny, but you don't hear women talking about size of clit the way you hear dudes talk about size of penis. Obviously, the two things are pretty different, but they both contain erectile tissue and play a pretty big role in sexual pleasure, so what gives? By and large, women have two misconceptions about their vagina's hood ornament, the clitoris :.

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Can't resist amandapalmer pic. Wolf will settle for a world with equality on toilet walls, where there are as many clitorises graffitied as penises. And now that the giant, golden clitoris has got your attention, here are 10 facts Wolf wants you to know.

Since the dawn of time, men have been comparing penis sizes for sport and, cough, reminding themselves that size doesn't always matter. Women aren't immune to comparisons — one in seven, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologistshas actually considered getting the lips of her vagina surgically trimmed. Does the size of that matter? I recently discovered I have a small clitoris, after interviewing a famous gynecologist about the mysterious clitoris and begging her to take a quick peek at mine.


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